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  - Richard Kessler

Time & Eternity Jewelry

She’s more precious than diamonds, more valuable than gold, and you’ll love her for Time & Eternity. She deserves to know that. The Time & Eternity diamond pendant is made from interwoven rings that represent Time & Eternity, now and forever. The Kessler 81 diamond in the center represents the woman you love. When she connects the two ends of the chain behind her neck and the pendant falls to land just above her heart she’ll hear your voice whisper in her ear, “now and forever, my world revolves around you".

The Time & Eternity diamond pendant starts at just $75 or you can buy her the really big one for $1,500 or you can choose from one of six other sizes in between.

Time & Eternity Jewelry

Kesslers® will send $5 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Wisconsin every time we sell one and that’s a really good thing.

Come in to any of our store locations and see this eloquent Kesslers® Diamonds exclusive.