Diamond Shapes

Round Brilliant

The round brilliant is known for its brilliance and sparkle! The round brilliant is the most popular and sought after diamond shape for an engagement ring. The round shape is one of the most classic shapes, and over 50% of engagement rings sparkle with this shape as the center stone. Diamonds match with everything, but the round brilliant is sure to be the perfect choice for any special person.


The oval shaped diamond is unique but still classic; it speaks to the classic gal with just a little flair. The shape offers the sparkle of a round stone in a dazzling silhouette. These are the most ideal choice for those who are seeking a uniquely shaped diamond that accentuates long and slender fingers. Young celebrities like Kate Middleton, Blake Lively, and Hailey Bieber all said ‘YES!’ to an oval shape as their center stone.


This diamond shape is fit for a “Princess”. The princess shape is truly the hopeless romantic of diamonds. They have a similar sparkle and brilliance to the round, but in a square shape. The princess cut is distinctive, yet a contemporary shape and is the second most popular diamond shape. Does it need to say more, its name is princess!?


This square cut diamond with rounded edges lends itself to be romantic in feel. This timeless shape has been refined over hundreds of years. Cushion cut diamonds are a beautiful choice for any setting style. Worn by such celebrities as Kim Kardashian and Sofia Vergara, the cushion cut is a sure yes!


The pear shape is another favorite. The tapered shape can be flattering and helps to make the hand look slimmer and more elegant. Although still beautiful, the pear shape is in the fancy family of diamond shapes, and it can be difficult to hold their cuts constant. Make sure to look for even, outstanding brilliance throughout the top of the surface. A well cut fancy is few and far between. Shop carefully and trust your eye!


The emerald shape is best known for its beauty and precision. Its long facets and layered corners can resemble stairs, highlighting its clarity, color and luster better than any other shape. Who said put an emerald shaped diamond ring on it, but Beyonce?


Another member of the fancy shape family, the marquise is sure to hold extraordinary character and plenty of sparkle! The elongated stone can give an illusion of a greater size, as it has a larger surface area than any other diamond shape. The pointed ends and curved center help to make fingers look longer and more slender. Marquise diamonds lend a unique look in any type of setting.


The radiant cut diamond combines the silhouette of an emerald cut diamond with the fire and sparkle of a round brilliant cut diamond! The unique shape offers the ideal brilliance and high-end look. Due to its design, this shape requires more carat weight in the depth to maximize brilliance. The radiant shape can be more durable than other shapes as it is less prone to chipping or catching.

Square Emerald

A square emerald shaped diamond is a beautiful and unique shape. Often, step-cut diamonds have less fire and sparkle than a brilliant cut diamond, but the highlight of its clarity will make up for it! Be careful when selecting your stone; work with a professional, who should steer you to learn up on the clarity grades for the best brilliance!


A true fancy, probably the fanciest of the family! The heart diamond represents longevity and love. The heart shaped creates a bold and romantic look with the shimmer of two symmetrical halves. The symmetry characteristic of the heart shape is very important when choosing the diamond. The heart shape is very popular in solitaire pendants and rings.