Flickering Firelight Diamonds

Choosing a diamond is first and foremost personal preference and a reflection of one’s love and personality; there is no right answer on what is beautiful to someone. We don’t choose our significant others based off their driver’s license stats such as hair or eye color. We love them based on their personality and we find them perfect despite what others say. Diamonds are no different, we love them for their fire, scintillation, and brilliance.

One of the best options at Kesslers that provides this fire and brilliance are the Flickering Firelight Diamonds. As a diamond naturally grows in the earth, trace elements can give a diamond crystal faint tones of differing shades of color. These diamonds are commonly graded in the K, L, M range on the color scale. When cut for beauty and hand selected for unparalleled shimmer, these wonderful anomalies can emit gorgeous golden hues. The slight undertones create a wonderful array of fire that colorless diamonds just do not have.

Natural earth mined diamonds are all unique and have their own personality, just like people! Different preferences may lead people in different directions, but anyone who loves autumn colors will naturally gravitate towards a diamond with warmer undertones like the Flickering Firelight Diamonds have to offer.

Check out these Flickering Firelight Diamonds in action in our Toi et Moi Collection!