Free Cleaning And Inspection

It’s time for your diamond to come alive again!

A FREE service we offer is cleaning and inspecting your jewelry
(even if you didn’t buy it at Kesslers)!

You may have an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner at home, but the spa day your jewelry will have at Kesslers can’t be beat. It starts with a full inspection of your piece of jewelry. We’ll count your diamonds, check your prongs and make sure everything is just perfect! After inspection we’ll give a five star bath in our jewelry cleaner, delicately removing it with our jewelry tongs. Next it will be taken to our pressurized steamer where all the left over water, soap or residue will be removed. Lastly, a jewelry expert will present you with your piece of jewelry so sparkly and shiny, it will be like the first day you got it! Jaw dropping!

If you bought it from Kesslers, it’s FREE! Remember that Miraculous Warranty we told you about? It’s just that simple! Didn’t buy it from Kesslers? That’s OK too…We’re still here to help! Bring in your jewelry and leave it with us for about a week. We’ll give you a detailed understanding and pricing of what we need to do to your piece to make it like new again.

Now schedule your jewelry’s spa day!

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We have jewelry professionals ready to help.

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