The Kessler 81™ Diamond

Most traditional round diamonds have had 57 facets for almost a hundred years and that has worked pretty well. A number of diamond cutters have always felt that the traditional arrangement of facets just wasn’t getting all the fire that Mother Nature locked away in diamonds. Moses Hodara was one of those cutters. Moses works in his factory on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea in the town of Netanya, long known as the City of Diamonds.

After years of experimentation, Moses hit on a new facet style that finally unleashed all the fire and life that a round diamond can exhibit. Starting with a perfectly proportioned traditional 57 facet diamond, Moses added 24 new, precisely placed facets and Shazam! The Kessler 81™ was born. There’s never been a diamond as bright and lively as this. It’s so bright you’ll swear it’s plugged into the wall.

The Kessler 81™ has become the benchmark by which all other round diamonds are judged. You have to see this extraordinary diamond for yourself, but make no mistake about it, Kesslers® has a Supplemental Trademark on the design, so the only place you’ll find a true Kessler 81™ is at Kesslers of course. “Where we do diamonds better, because diamonds are all we do.” The Kessler 81™ is available in a traditional mined diamond as well as Kesslers Newborn created diamond. The only difference is the birthdate.


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