Diamond Options

The options you have available when choosing a diamond are remarkable, as well, although few jewelers seem willing to show you these options and then let you decide for yourself. Instead, they try to steer you into what they say is the "right" choice. Have you ever wondered why they do this?

Kesslers lets you see every option. Every color. Every clarity. Every shape of diamond. Every new innovation. Side-by-side. Because when it comes to diamonds, tiny differences can make a very big difference in price.

But you can't fall in love with it if the jeweler doesn't have it.

We say 'Yes' to exciting new things while others "wait and see." This is why Kesslers can show you diamond innovations that no one else can show you.

Here are some of the things to which we've said 'Yes.'

Kessler 81

On the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Moses Hodara had been cutting traditional 57-facet round diamonds for 50 years when one day he added 24 additional facets precisely placed to make the diamond explode with additional light. He transformed the beautiful into the magnificent. We immediately said "Yes," and this diamond is now the trademarked as the Kessler 81. Each year, roughly 85% of all round diamond shoppers choose it after seeing it.

Kessler Princess Cut

Square-cornered Princess Cut diamonds have always been distinctive, but they've never really sparkled like they should. So when a new cutting innovation was discovered that increased the sparkle of Princess diamonds by several orders of magnitude, Kesslers instantly said "Yes" and the Kessler Princess Cut was trademarked.

Newborn Created Diamonds

Likewise, Kesslers said "Yes" to Newborn Created Diamonds. Born in a plasma chamber, Newborns are the most rare diamonds on earth. When compared side-by-side with geological, earth-mined diamonds, three out of four shoppers are choosing the larger, brighter Newborn.

Yehuda Clarity Enhanced

A scientist named Zvi Yehuda was looking at a big diamond that could be purchased at a small price because it had a visible inclusion. Pointing to the inclusion, he said, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if that could be made invisible?" And then he figured out how to do it. Yehuda Clarity Enhanced diamonds are geological, earth-mined diamonds with inclusions that have been made completely invisible. It's one of the ways you can get a bigger diamond on a smaller budget.

If you see a diamond online that you think is a good value, go ahead and buy it, but be sure that you can return it for a cash refund. Then bring that diamond to Kesslers. We won't be offended, we promise. We just want you to see that diamond alongside all the amazing options Kesslers can show you that you won't be able to find online. Side-by-side, price for price, Kesslers wins every time.

Thanks for coming in to look at our diamonds.

We're going to make you VERY happy.

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