Mother's Day Approved Gifts From Kesslers Employees

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“Mom” is a multi-faceted figure with undeniable strength and shine – much like a diamond, they glimmer a little differently to every eye. Not a single mom is the same, yet everyone can agree on the qualities a mom brings to the table. They’ll always be there to provide patience, support, and unconditional love – even when they can’t be right there with you. It’s no wonder we dedicate an entire day to celebrating moms everywhere! If they’re your mother, sister, aunt, grandma, friend – if they mother children, dogs, cats, birds, or anything in between, we want to show our gratitude to the people that shaped us. How does one even begin to express such an appreciation? If you’re not sure where to start, the Kesslers diamond experts are here to help! Some of our employee owners came together to share a few ways that Kesslers can make this Mother’s Day a little brighter for the moms in your life. Check out the choices we’ve rounded up below!

Sara M & Tula


My dog, Tula, knows she is the love of my life, so I’m fairly certain she would take advantage of the Kesslers trade in-trade up program and get me a bigger pair of Kessler 81 studs for Mother’s Day!


Carrissa H


I would love to receive this leaf pendant because as life and love grows, my boys will grow into young men and “leaf” the nest to grow on their own. It also resembles a feather, which are known for good luck!


Amy V


I would get her a big, diamond solitaire pendant because they are classic and stunning, just like my mom!


Brittany P



Alissa S & Red


My parrot, Red, would gift me this Tears of Joy pendant because it symbolizes “loyalty” – and what’s more loyal than a bird that will grow old with you?


Ashley K


These stacking rings would be the perfect Mother’s Day present from my kiddos. Breanna is my strong, independent girl who loves organization so the single prong stack ring is perfect for her. Mason is my big hearted, goofy boy which is represented perfectly by the scalloped ring – the perfect stack rings to have my two littles with me every day, even when they aren’t there.

AWDFA284535 | AWDFA274796

Amanda K


My mom had a very funky style and I think she would’ve really loved the trendy, layered look. This combo makes me think of her!

KGPEN296310 | KGPEN296304

Joy B


I would get my mom a pair of Kessler 81 diamond stud earrings to go with her engagement ring and the three-stone necklace that I gifted her for Christmas!


Amber R



Kerri R


My mom is a cancer survivor, and she takes SUCH good care of her family and community. This past year during the pandemic, she’s taken the time to make a HUGE batch of soup and homemade bread to take to family in friends, mostly elderly and shut ins, so they can have hot meals made with love. She is such a giving, loving person that I want these pieces to reflect that love to all who see her.


Lauren P


I would give my mom a Kessler 81 diamond pendant because she’s a classic!


Ariel P & Trinity


This knot pendant has three loops and reminds me of a trinity, so I’ll always think of her when I wear it!


Jessica C, Maximus, & Asher


This pendant is the perfect representation for my boys, Asher (black) and Maximus (white)!


Kelly K


This is me and my son EJ at the Field of Dreams in Iowa this past summers.


Sam V


My favorite mother’s day gift would be the two plain bands that I wear – one engraved with my son’s name and the other has my dog’s name engraved on it. I also gifted my son’s godmother the same gold band with his name engraved inside!

WBPML249875 | WBPML250312

Courtney T



Stefanie C & Pets


Mommy can’t have enough diamonds! ??


Katie V


I recently gifted these diamond studs to my mom, and she is obsessed! They’re the perfect studs that she can wear all the time!


Zach M


I picked the journey pendant for my mom because no matter where I go in life, or what no matter what happens, my mom is always there along the way.


Taylor P


I love this style for my mom because she loves yellow gold and this ring is similar to her wedding ring, but with a modern twist!


Casie G


This pendant would be a great mother’s day gift because it reminds me of angel’s wings, and I have these two blessed angels in my life. I love them with all that I am!


Erika R



Lauren P & Pearl


I’d love to receive this pendant as a pet-mother’s day gift because Pearl is my little sunshine!


Shannon O


KGPEN314040 | KGEAR314026

Stacey C


It’s only fitting that I would choose three stackable rings – one for each of my daughters!

KGRNG296566 | AWDFA286161 | AWDFA313981

Gina F


I would love this from my girls – the style is more edgy, which I like, and they are my two angels (when they behave)!


Katie U


A classic pendant and pair of diamond stud earrings would be a great gift for my mother-in-law, who has been a mother to me ever since my mom died.

DSTDK149222 | DPENM147331

Kellan R


I would give my mom the yellow gold Time & Eternity pendant because it is my favorite piece that we carry, and I love the meaning! She is the most giving mom & grandma. She is constantly putting the needs of others before hers. She raised me to be strong and independent, yet kind. I love, love, love my mom for all of time & eternity. Not to be cheesy, but it’s true!


Jennell J


AWDFA309189 | DEARM310466

Frank D



Lisa H


I would love a paperclip necklace for Mother’s Day, because without my Brookie my life wouldn’t be held together! She’s my “paperclip”!


Monica K


The Moon & Back pendant is the perfect Mother’s Day gift, because I love my kids to the moon and back! I would also love engravable jewelry to put their names or initials on!

SSPEN304869 | KGPEN296296 | SSPEN296324

Hope W


AWDFA295174 | AWDFA295176

Trista D & Theo


I chose these for a few reasons – one, because they are really cool and go with everything. Most importantly, they remind me of Theo’s toy string and his craziness, so the earrings are a fashion interpretation of Theo going crazy and playing for hours. It’s just so cute!!


Tracy H


The Moon & Back bracelet is a beautiful choice for a Mother’s Day gift. I would also love it if each of my kids picked out a stackable ring that they liked so I could engrave each of their names inside and solder them all together – that would be my mother’s ring!


Karolina A


This pendant reminds me of my mom in so many ways. Just like any diamond, there are inclusions that define the stone and the diamond always shines through the light! In this case, her inclusions define her beauty, her personality, and her flaws, and make her one of a kind. I’m truly blessed to have her as a mother, for she is my best friend and true inspiration.


Hailey M


This bumblebee pendant and earring set would be a great gift for my down-to-earth, nature loving mom because she’s always bee-n there for us – and we love puns!

SSEAR309182 | SSPEN305160

Kelsey S


I’d gift my mom this bracelet and ring for Mother’s Day. I love the natural elements and much like a tree, she’s always been my support system.

SSBRC305073 | SSLDR304995

Jim B


I chose a Moon N Back pendant for my beautiful wife and mother of four kids! Because she probably knows the book by heart, I know that this is the perfect piece of jewelry for her!


Joe G


Anything from the Moon & Back collection would be the perfect choice because I love her to the moon & back!


Lauren P


Julie is my 2nd mama, I’d gift her AWDFA305026 so she can match mine and we can be twinning.


From studs, to pendants, to stackables, and all of the sparkles in between - we’ve got plenty of ways to show your love and appreciation this Mother’s Day. Shop our selection online or set up an appointment today to get that something special for your first best friend, the first hand you held, the first opinion you cared about…the first person you think of when you hear the word, “mom”.