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When your with someone for as long as I've been with Kendra it really means something. We met back in 8th grade where she politely declined my request to be my girlfriend. Two years later as we're both entering our sophomore year we reconnected and this time on August 3rd ... 2011, she agreed to be my girlfriend. August of 2016 will be 5 years for us and in this 5 years Kendra and I have grown to a level I never thought I'd reach with anyone anytime soon. She has been my rock, she is everything I could ever want. So when I decided I was going to marry Kendra, even though I know she would've taken a ring out of 50 cent machine if she had too, I still wanted to give her the ring she deserves, the ring of her dreams. At this point I'm freaking out, there are tons of rings!! So when I'm on my way to Kays and I pass Kesslers Diamonds and say "You know, they have the nicest radio ads I'm gonna go take a look." Sure enough I found a ring I knew she would love and she did! I'm so glad I went into Kesslers and I'm so glad Denise was there for me. I couldn't have asked for a better salesman or diamond store! Read More
December 17, 2011~ We had family pictures scheduled for the morning. We woke up Saturday morning, there was a dusting of snow, perfect for our outdoor photo session. We arrived at the first location, snapped a few pictures of the 3 of us. Then Bobbi, our photographer pointed out this ... bench down the way. We made our way down there. Amaya and I sat on the bench, Bobbi then asked me to reach up and grab something that was stuck in the bush. I reached up and grabbed a "Marry me" Ornament, turned around and there was Casey on one knee asking me to marry him! (Casey mailed Bobbi the ornament prior to the photo session). The moment was perfect and we have the best pictures to capture the whole thing! Read More
My family, myself and my now fiance had been planning a Christmas 2011 vacation to Disney World since August 2011. We stayed on the Disney grounds and enjoyed every minute of the Disney magic. We went to many character breakfasts, lunches and dinners, but I was the most anxious to ... see all the Disney Princesses. Christmas Morning (12/25/11) came and off to Epcot we were, finally a Royal Breakfast with the Princesses. After we had eaten, the Princesses began to come around to the tables. When they came to our table, my fiance got up and acted like he was going to take pictures with them. All of the sudden, he turned and asked Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) if she could help him with something. She agreed without hesitation! Without missing a beat he asked," Would you help me ask my girlfriend to say yes, and be my wife?" As soon as the words left his mouth he was down on one knee. I instantly said yes, and not soon after burst into tears of joy. Nothing makes a woman feel more like a princess than getting engaged on Christmas, in Disney World! A moment I will never forget! Read More
Here is how it happend! Janurary 20, 2012! Josh proposed to me on an airplane at 38,000 feet! Our seats were all the way in the back of the plane. After I came back from the bathroom, Josh stood up, took my hand and said, " The captain wants to ... talk to us, " As we walked up the long isle to the front of the plane, I noticed every seat was full. When we got to the font of the plane, the flight attendant turned on the announcement phone and handed it to Josh. He looked at me for a moment and then turned to everyone on the plane and said, " Hey Folks, how is everybody doing, is everyone enjoying their flight to Denver? I would like to tell you a story about this beautiful lady Laura. It was a little more than 2 years ago, she stepped on to a plane with me, heading for Colorado. Since than we have moved back and forth between Colorado and Wisconsin four times, she supports me and all my decisions. She is the light of my life." And as he turned to me and looked into my eyes, he said, " Laura, I love you with all my heart and soul, you have made my dreams come true and now it's your turn." He pulled a ring box from his pocket, as he got down on one knee and the people on the plane were starting to ooo and ahh, as he spoke loudly into the announcement phone again he looked up at me and said, " Laura Alyce Oetting, will you marry me?" He opened up the ring box and showed me the most beautiful sparkling diamond ring I have ever seen, I was in complete shock and said "Yes!" He put the ring on my finger, stood up and picked up the announcement phone again and told everybody " she said Yes!" I threw my arms around him and kissed him right there in front of everyone ♥ The plane erupted with hooting, hollering, clapping and people yelling "CONGRATULATIONS". As we walked down the long isle back to our seats, everyone was Congratulating us. It was so amazing! ♥ Read More
In December of 2010 I took Jessica to Nashville for the Garth Brooks concert and to check out the music city! While there we checked out the Ryman auditorium and took the tour. As we sat in "our seats" overlooking the Opry stage I got down on one knee and ... asked her to marry me! It was a more perfect moment than I could have ever dreamed of! We got married last September and took a mini honeymoon back to Nashville and spent a little time in those same seats exactly 10 months from the time I asked her! Read More
It was the beginning of October of 2011 when I found out Keith Urban was coming to town. So i talked Alex into buying tickets for an early birthday (my birthday is Oct 30th.) Few days later he came home and threw the tickets on the table and said Happy ... Birthday. October 13th we went out to dinner at my favorite place and then went to the concert. We were standing and sitting off and on and the entire row behind us was empty so Alex asked if I wanted to go back there so we had more room. I said no that i was fine where we were. He left to go get another drink and when he came back he sat down. We were sitting there talking when all of a sudden he asked if i would marry him. I told him to shut up because of course he i didnt believe him but then he put his hand infront of him and on his pinky was my ring. I was so excited. Come to find out he wanted to move to the row behind us so he could get down on one knee. That is one concert that i will never forget for the rest of my life. <3 Read More
Wade and I have been dating for 3 1/2 years. His sister and I went and looked at rings in January. On February 10, 2012, Wade came home from work and told me he forgot his wallet at work so he asked me if I wanted to ride back to ... his work with him. When we got to his work (Convention Center) he told me that he wanted to show me something funny outside. I didnt want to go outside because it was freezing! I finally went outside and he told me he loved me very much and he got down on one knee. On the Convention Center marquee he had displayed "Jenna Leigh will you marry me?" I was shocked and of course said yes. The sign stayed on the marquee all night long. We are super excited to plan our September 2013 wedding! Read More
Jim & I met at Buck Bradleys bar almost 4 years ago after an Admirals game and Styx concert. As tradition every year, we'd go to the Admirals game followed by whichever 80's rock concert is playing and then to the same place we met. This year was no different ... and on 2/16/13, Jim and I went to the Admirals game followed by an REO Speedwagon concert and then went across the street to Buck Bradleys. At one point, Jim tried to get me to slide out from the far inside of the booth. I was slightly annoyed as to why he was pulling on my arm and asking me to come to the outer of the booth, but I scooted towards him a bit. The next thing I knew, Jim was down on his knee and the Kesslers box was open with the most beautiful ring inside. I was in complete shock! I think he said something to the effect of, "Baby, we've been together for almost 4 years and I love you, will you marry me?" Of course I said yes! Luckily, our friends were there to capture the moment with this picture. Read More
Although she almost fell off the back of the snowmobile on the way to the top of the mountian she said yes at 9500 feet! New years eve 2012 near Granby, Co. Special thanks to Teri for helping me find the perfect engagment ring.
One random Tuesday (12/3/2013) Kelly and I went out for a nice steak dinner to celebrate the start of my new job. Little did she know what was in store for the rest of the night. Once we returned from dinner, I went to go take out our English Bulldog ... puppy, Luna. Instead of taking her outside, I frantically dressed her in a custom t-shirt in the hallway. I then walked back into the condo and yelled that Luna had just peed in the hallway. As we came back into the house, Kelly immediately noticed Luna's t-shirt. As she read the t-shirt I got down on one knee and proceeded to "pop" the question. In total awe and shock, Kelly said YES! After a few minutes to let the proposal sink in, I pulled out a dozen roses from a hidden cabinet to top of the proposal. It is also customary at Kelly's work to bring in white cupcakes if you get engaged. Little did she know, I had already bought those as well for her to bring in the following morning. The random Tuesday night will definitely not be forgotten. We are tentatively planning on a summer wedding in 2015. Thanks for the help Kesslers! Read More
Miller Park proposal! It all started on a beautiful afternoon at Miller Park. We are by no means diehard Brewers fans, but this was quite the experience. We were setup with an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Miller Park on a home game day. We started underground and were able to ... walk out onto the field. The Brewers were warming up and Jonathan Lucroy was kind enough to share a few words and gave us each a baseball! The tour continued on to view the press room, suite rooms and clubs. The tour ended with an awesome view from the Bernie Brewers slide! We each went down a few times, and the last trip down was the one we'll remember forever! Erica went down first, and Tim followed right behind, popped up to one knee, and asked the question he knew was coming from the first day they met. Erica answered with a definite "YES!" It was a day we'll remember forever. Tara F. from the Greenfield location was such a fun and tremendous help. Thank you! And we'll see you soon for the wedding bands! Read More
We were heading to the Chris Young concert with our friends up at the Island Resort & Casino. It was a great day, I don't really ever gamble and won $70! I was so excited. Sadly, Kyle lost, quite a bit! Shortly after we had dinner where after dinner I ... was surprised with Meet & Greet passes. After the Meet & Greet (awesome time by the way!), I kept saying to everyone, “seriously, this is the best day ever” and “this is such a great day.” Chris’ concert was awesome…we were having a great time and he sounded great! A couple of songs in (6 to be exact, as Kyle seemed to count every minute), Chris started talking about how his label wanted him to write a love song for the new record. That song, “Who I am with you,” was what he played next. As the beginning of the song started, Kyle grabbed my hand to bring me down by the stage where he proceeded to get down on one knee. After I said yes and we kissed, Chris Young stopped the song and walked away from the mic to say congrats to us and give us a handshake and a hug. As we were about to go back to our seat he said in the mic, “where you guys going? Stay and dance to your song.” Chris sang the rest of the song directly to us while we danced our “first dance” as a newly engaged couple! When the song ended Chris Young came up to us again and congratulated us. As we turned around to go sit down, the whole entire crowd (about 1300 people) gave us a standing ovation. People were crying and high fiving us the whole way back! That night, as we were celebrating, random people came up to us saying “you’re that girl” or “you’re the guy” and told us how amazing they thought the proposal was! Of course I would have to agree!!!! Read More
After nearly 6 years of dating and ring shopping at a couple of different jewelers, I was getting anxious. My boyfriend (now husband) always told me he would never pop the question on a holiday. So Easter morning when we traded baskets-I never could have dreamed what would go on. ... I gave him his basket first. He then led me to the spare bedroom and sitting on the ground was a basket full of goodies, gifts, candy and balloons. I dissected the basket pulling and separating everything from it. I noticed that one of the plastic eggs had broken open and there was a small piece of paper on it. It read "I love your smile." I fought back tears and thanked my boyfriend for the lovely gift. He told me to keep opening the eggs. Inside the basket were a dozen colorful eggs filled with reasons why he loved me. By the time I got done reading the last one I had tears rolling down my face. I turned to him and gave him a huge hug. He told me he had more. He then gave me a red box (too big to be a ring box) I opened it and found a folded up letter. He wrote me a letter explaining how happy I had made him and how he wanted nothing more in life than to continue to love me and take care of me. He silently laughed at the situation as I still was so clueless to the whole scenario being played out. After reading the note, my eyes were full of tears and I said "I want all of those things you just wrote about too." Just as I looked up I noticed he was on one knee asking me to marry him. He had picked out the unique yellow gold ring I had adored so much at Kesslers. After our very long and tear-filled hug I looked at him and said "Wait, you have to ask me to marry you!" He replied "I did ask you. Twice. You said yes both times!" We had a chuckle together as I was so excited about what was going on that I didn't even hear him ask me to marry him. He went against what he always said he would never do and he would dot it all over again. We spent the rest of our day with our nearest and dearest and enjoying the holiday. Thank you Terry at Kesslers Diamonds-Madison for helping us shop for the perfect ring. We had shopped at about 6 other places and NONE of them came close to Kesslers. I still get ohhs and ahhhs over my ring and people love its uniqueness. I recommend Terry and Kesslers Diamonds to anyone looking for that special gift! Read More
Sara and I have been dating for about 2.5 years now and are best friends! We love to do everything together, especially if it is outside! We are also big fans of The Ellen Show and I entered a contest on the show to go to Australia. I entered for ... about 2 weeks and then one day I was called and we won!! I knew that Australia would be the perfect place to ask Sara to marry me and began setting it up before we left for the trip. We decided to go there over Christmas and New Year's so we could see everything and also celebrate the holidays. The second day we were there, I had arranged for us to do a SkyWalk which is where you walk on the outside of a platform at the top of a building called the Sydney Tower Eye, in the Sydney Harbour overlooking the opera house and the harbor bridge.. It is 850 ft above the ground, with a glass see through bottom. I also planned the walk at sunset. As we were standing in the waiting area inside the building, the guide moved us to the back of the line because he thought Sara was scared. However, he did this so we would be apart from everyone else on the platform. We finally go out to the platform, and are walking around with everyone else, when the guide signals me, and I then got down on one knee and asked my best friend to marry me. She was so surprised and burst into tears of joy! She even gave me the wrong hand for a second. She said yes and we celebrated that night and the rest of the vacation. Read More
My fiance and I went to several stores in the Appleton area to look at engagement rings. Kesslers was amazing, from beginning to end. I ended up seeing a ring on their website that I liked, but it was at another store. They had it transferred to the right store ... the next day so that I could come in and see it in person. We worked with Judy and she was so awesome! Read More
My fiance bought my engagement ring from here and we wouldn't have it any other way!! They are so passionate about what they do and wanted to know everything about how he planned to propose. The warranty for my engagement ring is great and will basically fix and help in ... any way they can. I went there shortly after to have my ring resized and they were so kind and genuinely interested in the engagement story. They were very prompt and returned it better than before! They even gave us a gift since we were recently engaged. They were a great group of people and we definitely will buy our wedding bands from them. Read More
My husband and I used Kessler's for my engagement ring and wedding bands. He actually went to the Madison location and picked out my rings by himself. He said they were very helpful. I love my rings and am so happy he chose Kessler's. For his wedding band, we also ... went there. They had beautiful rings to choose from and we were so happy with the quality of rings we received! Read More
Just an awesome experience! We initially had an appointment scheduled with another jeweler. Prior to the meeting, I had emailed many different designs to the jeweler. When we arrived for our appointment, they had nothing for us to look at. I was extremely upset. They almost ruined our day, but ... Kesslers came to the rescue. The sales associate was amazing. I showed photos of what I wanted and she had at least 20 rings for us to look at. After trying on several stunning rings, I found the ring of my dreams. Such an amazing day thanks to Kesslers! Read More
We both love our rings from Kesslers. The staff take very good care of you here and the products are amazing!
Kesslers was so great to work with! My husband bought my engagement ring there, and later we went back to buy the matching wedding band. Everyone at Kesslers was so friendly and helpful. I brought my ring in before the wedding to be re-rhodium plated, and they were able to ... put a rush on it to have it back to me in time for the wedding. We were very pleased with our experience! Read More
Kessler's has amazing customer service! They were so helpful and made sure we got exactly what we wanted. We both have small fingers so our rings had to be special ordered/custom made and our rings came in a month or so ahead of schedule.

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