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Fair and honest bottom-line pricing. Everyday. No sales to wait for. No haggling for a better price.

At most jewelry stores, you can only view diamonds under those pin-point “jewelry store lights” that can artificially enhance their sparkle. But at Kesslers, you’ll find all kinds of lighting so you can see and judge your diamond under the same conditions as the one to whom you are giving it.

The largest selection of diamonds and mountings in the Midwest. If we don’t have it, we’ll get it. If it isn’t made, we’ll make it.

The Kesslers® No Small Print Warranty. The strongest warranty in the industry, bar none. It includes your center stone. No small print. No loopholes. No required periodic inspections. No one else has anything like it.

The care we take in painstakingly selecting the one exceptional diamond out of a hundred that meets OUR strict criteria for cut to ensure YOUR lifetime of joy and delight.

Our trade-in policy. We will give you back exactly what you paid for your diamond (tax-included) at any time, and trade in on any merchandise in the store. This applies to the center stone of engagement ring, engagement ring solitaires, diamond stud earrings and diamond pendant solitaires.

All sales include a 30 day money back guarantee.

A lifetime of free maintenance on your ring. When you own a Kesslers® ring, you’ll never have to put another dime into maintaining it. That’s our job.

And most important of all, our priorities – we care more about the client than the sale.

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