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Imagine working with the owner of a company every time you shopped with them. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? At Kesslers, every time you walk into one of our stores, you’ll be greeted by the friendly face of an owner. Kesslers is an employee-owned company, which means every one of us is an owner.

Being an employee-owned company serves you in many different ways. We take pride in what we do every day and it shines through in each interaction we have with all of our clients. When you come to Kesslers you can expect that each person you talk to will be passionate about what they do, the company they work for, and anyone that comes through our doors. We are dedicated and committed to totally satisfying the needs of our clients based on integrity. That’s our mission statement and our daily guidepost.

Kesslers employee-owners are determined to set us apart from other jewelry stores. We have a sense of ownership and pride you won’t find anywhere else. We treasure the lasting relationships we create with our clients while helping them find the jewelry of their dreams.

Hailey Operations

“Working for an employee-owned company has given me so many opportunities for growth that other businesses simply can’t offer. I’ve had the ability to travel and learn. When I come to work every day I know that my decisions and actions directly impact our success, and I can go home at night with peace of mind that I’ll be able to retire comfortably. Ownership is a great responsibility, but it comes with greater rewards and a true passion for my career – isn’t that what everyone wants in a job?” – Hailey Operations


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