Kessler® Princess Cut Diamond

Princess DiamondPrincess cut diamonds are among the most popular shapes. There is just something very appealing about a square or rectangular diamond. They’re very popular with cutters also, because rough diamond crystals tend to be fairly square, so there’s much less waste in cutting a square diamond than there would be in making a round. And whenever cutters can save as much of the valuable diamond material as possible, they will; often to the detriment of the diamond’s beauty.

The vast, overwhelming majority of princess cuts on the market have been cut to save weight, not to sparkle the way they should. They’re cut too deep on the bottom and have virtually no crown (that’s the top area of the diamond). A diamond with no crown won’t exhibit any fire; the flashes of color a fine diamond should show, and makes it extremely vulnerable to chipping.

At Kesslers, we don’t think you should have to settle for that kind of diamond if you want a princess cut, so we’ve worked with our cutters to produce our own extraordinary princess – The Kessler® Princess Cut Diamond.

This unique princess is proportioned to perform, and perform it does! Finally you can have a princess that exhibits all the fire a fine diamond should have. And you can wear it with confidence because the superb proportions minimize the chances of the diamond chipping.

If you’re a fan of the princess cut, you need to see the difference our uncompromising attention to the details makes. Whatever your size or your budget, our consistent cutting assures you that your Kessler® Princess Cut is a princess like no other. It’s the one Richard is proud to call his own.