Newborn Diamonds

Newborn Diamonds

Lab Created Diamonds

It’s always been extremely costly to bring mined diamonds to market, and that’s only getting worse as many of the older mines have been exhausted, and new mines are scarce and located in some of the most remote places on earth. Scientists have been trying to create diamonds in laboratories for decades, and have finally developed a process to create diamonds that are lab created with all the sparkling features that everyone loves. These laboratory created diamonds have all the same characteristics as the earth mined variety; same hardness, same sparkle, same beauty; but they’re significantly less costly to produce so you can get a bigger diamond for your money.

The Diamond Creation Process

CVD, which stands for chemical vapor deposition is a newer process for the creation of laboratory created diamonds. CVD was actually invented years ago, but until recently was only capable of creating thin wafers of diamond for industrial purposes. New advancements have enabled the creation of larger, deeper crystals. Diamonds created by CVD are Type IIa diamonds which are chemically the purest diamond crystals. Only 2% of earth mined diamonds are Type IIa.

Kessler Newborn Diamonds

Every Kessler Newborn Diamond is a CVD laboratory-created Type IIa diamond. Every Kessler Newborn is laser engraved for identification purposes.

Our lab created diamonds come with the same lifetime warranty against chipping or breaking. Kessler Newborn diamonds have all the same characteristics of mined diamonds; the same exact optical properties, the same exact hardness, and the same incredible sparkle; everything but the extreme effort it takes to mine diamonds from the earth. They have all the same characteristics because they are the same. And like all Kessler diamonds, we painstakingly choose only the finest cuts, so their sparkle is breathtaking. The only difference is that our Newborn Diamonds were created in a laboratory rather than in the earth. Thanks to modern technology you can now afford a larger, more beautiful diamond than ever before.

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