Trade-Up Policy

If you ever look at your engagement ring, solitaire pendant, or diamond stud earrings and think that the diamond used to look bigger when you first got it?  Kesslers® has the cure for this “Shrinking Diamond Syndrome.”

Kesslers® features the most advantageous diamond trade-up policy in the industry.  Most jewelers require that you trade up for double the original purchase price of your center diamond, but not at Kesslers®.  Making it easy for our clients to trade up is just one way we fulfill our core value of “Building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.”

You may trade up your Kesslers® Natural loose diamond, the Natural center diamond from your Kesslers® engagement ring, your Kesslers® Natural diamond solitaire stud earrings, or your Kesslers® Natural diamond solitaire pendant, for one of greater retail value at any time. *Newborn-created diamonds are not eligible to trade up.

We cannot accept trade-ups of used or worn jewelry of any sort purchased from Kesslers® or any other source because we don’t sell used jewelry in our stores.  We do NOT buy back or trade-up any merchandise after the 30-day return grace period other than the above-stated merchandise that falls under our Kesslers® trade-up policy: Any item that is sold carries our miraculous lifetime warranty, but the Kesslers® trade-up option is not transferable.

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