Yehuda Diamonds

Yehuda Diamonds are a marvel of modern technology, and in Wisconsin they are only available at Kesslers® Diamonds. Kesslers® is the largest seller of Yehuda diamonds in the world.

Yehuda clarity enhanced diamonds are natural diamonds mined from the earth just like any other genuine diamond. They contain natural inclusions that are visible to the naked eye after being cut. The Yehuda Company then treats these stones with a unique, high-tech process that renders the inclusions invisible to the eye, thus allowing the natural beauty of the diamonds to show through. The Yehuda treatment dates back to 1982 and has proven stable and permanent under all conditions of normal wear and tear. Treating gemstones to enhance their beauty is nothing new, in fact most of the colored gems on the market are treated and many of these treatments have been around for centuries.

Yehuda clarity enhanced diamonds are not imitation, synthetic, or simulated diamonds. Some other clarity enhanced diamonds fade in sunlight; Yehuda diamonds will not fade or darken with exposure to sunlight. They are still a natural diamond, but the process makes them look better.

Because Yehuda diamonds once contained visible inclusions they are available for up to 30% less than untreated diamonds of comparable size, color, and clarity allowing you to either save money or get a bigger diamond.

Yehuda diamonds have been sold and worn with pride all over the world for more than three decades. We see Yehuda clarity enhanced diamonds as another alternative in our constant effort to bring maximum beauty and value to our clients. We proudly offer Yehuda diamonds with the same no small print Lifetime Warranty and Trade-in Policy as any of our other diamonds. We’ve done the research and we want you to know the facts.

Compare a Yehuda diamond to an untreated diamond and then you decide.




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